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With CNR's professionals on your side, you will be prepared to make better and more profitable commercial real estate decisions.

Services - Tenant/Buyer Representation

Expert Guidance Through The Real Estate Acquisition Process
Since 1988, Corporate National Realty has been a trusted resource for tenants and buyers with varied and intricate commercial real estate needs. We know that your success is highly dependent on your real estate decisions. With our commercial real estate advocates on your side, you will be prepared to make better and more profitable commercial real estate decisions.

CNR has a full portfolio of experience with tenants and buyers on local, regional, national and global scales. If you are looking for corporate office space, retail space, commercial land, industrial/warehouse property or other commercial lease or purchase opportunities, CNR’s commercial real estate advisors will provide guidance through all facets of the tenant/buyer real estate process:

  • Current Lease Analysis
  • Lease Renewals and Renegotiations
  • Subleasing           
  • Expansion or Consolidation           
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Relocation

Across Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens…from Jamaica to Melville and from Great Neck to Hauppauge, CNR will help you navigate the corporate real estate market and will guide you every step of the way.

The Relocation Specialists

Experience Moving Around the Corner or Across the World

If you are considering relocating or opening a new site, CNR can orchestrate a smooth transition that will minimize disruption to your core business…before, during and after your move.

CNR has the commercial real estate expertise to assist Fortune 500 corporations and private companies with relocation services for office, industrial and retail space. CNR has developed a highly effective and proprietary eight-step process to help you achieve your goals.

STEP 1: Definition of Requirements

Assistance with developing the ideal model for your company, which establishes objective benchmarks and critical timeframes to help compare different real estate options.

STEP 2: Market Survey

Preparation of a comprehensive survey and detailed overview of all available properties for lease or sale within your scope and matching your requirements including:

  • Vacancy rates
  • Absorption rates
  • Informed opinions on the directionality of rental prices
  • Up-to-the-minute market comps and conditions

STEP 3: Site Selection

  • Review of the market survey of available properties
  • Inspection tours of properties
  • Selection of most qualified properties

STEP 4: Technical Site Review

Preliminary review and analysis of:

  • Building layout and design
  • As-built space conditions
  • Structural, mechanical, electrical, physical conditions and building systems
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
  • Financial analysis of base rent, utility rates, and real estate taxes

STEP 5: Preliminary Negotiation

  • Identification of primary properties and alternates
  • Production of a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) soliciting rent or purchase price, financial structure, escalations, capital improvements, term, expansion and renewal options, as well as specific structure, systems and site information

STEP 6: Response Analysis

  • Financial analysis, including appropriate deal structures and pro-forma data detailing competitive building costs
  • Architectural review and comparison of floor plans and tenant/buyer specifications
  • Background report on owners/developers/contractors as to their reputation and capabilities
  • Comparison of each proposal to the model facility established in Step 1

STEP 7: Lease and Contract Negotiations

  • Development of a strategy for negotiating a lease or contract of sale in collaboration with your company, its legal counsel, architects and/or engineers

STEP 8: Follow-Up Services and Resources

  • Transition support
  • Referrals to reputable service firms, such as furniture contractors, interior designers, movers, communication consultants, stationers, and interior contractors
  • Detailed Lease/Sale Transaction Report, which serves as a useful reference tool